Thursday, 14 July 2011

The butterfly in its inordinate correctitude.

Hail happy voyager! See the butterfly's flight as it chafes against mystic memories in the wind upon clumsy storms in the skies. See it fly free as it mounts furtively upon the clarity of the liquidic sky. Watch its inordinate attempts, flapping wisps among discordant segments of sky insipid in its oracular vision of flightlyness.

Is it not also in the wind? Has it not also been foretold? Climb with me in sheer non-being, in sheer openings of a new dawn. Come, we shall go together.

See the butterfly dip and manoeuvre in the winds of fate and chance! Is this not also of you? Is this not also in your heart today?

Discordant winds whoosh furtively among the rocks, but we do not see them. Our eyes are wide and we see the ultimate destination. Our fate is set: we are, we shall be, we shall not be, we do not mind.

Bright the butterfly's flight on the liquid skies.

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