Thursday, 14 July 2011

Flighty flying butterfly: flighty fence against irresolution.

With persons unbeknownst in their crazily-meaninglessness of existential non-meaning, in hunting in the dark with a net to catch all with, only one question remains: Should one kill a butterfly with passion? with gusto? or with indifference? This is the question they can only answer, not know.

The mind of the butterfly turns along with myriad situations while it sits nibbling titbits of inconstant interjections upon the turn of a flower's head: its turning point is truly recondite.

Hail to the butterfly! Its freedom to fly unhindered in the mind's eye is truly incomparable, as there is nothing to compare it with - hail to the butterfly!

Thus this, in flying free, the butterfly knows all too well, and so is on the long list.

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