Tuesday, 12 July 2011

In peace and harmony is the word; the word is: embrace.

In peace and harmony we go along, embracing as we do so. In the way of embracing we are happy. This is the way to act: to embrace one another more and clap each and every one of us on the back in friendship: in essence to personally give each of us the clap of intimate friendliness.

Our intimate friendlyness is king. Love is not blind, it needs to be stoked: fires are for stoking, not for smouldering!

Love is all, love is not blind: it likes a good firm body. Be good and firm. Be young and innocent. Be happy and gay. Yet, in this as in other things, it is also so: be more like the butterfly as you go merrily on your way.

Young love itself is all-physical and not angelic. The angelic love of plutonic proportions is for cranky old people who have landed askew upon their old bones, and so end their days in their own time.

Yet, for the flighty butterflies on the wing, it is now their time to kiss and hug in the street: they too will have the chance to leave the remnants of their unique footprints upon the newly laid concrete of the burgeoning walkways of the parched Earth.

So endeavour to hug your friends, and in doing so also give your enemies a chance to hug you back. Hug everyone you meet, especially those representatives of authority who would hold you down.

So be friendly; hug everyone; fly like the butterfly does and spread free love and get it on!

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