Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meaning is relative to where you stand, while the butterfly flies everywhere it means to.

Talking less than sense about the flight of the butterfly only makes good sense to those who do not know what it means, as if you can master a lack of sense as well you have already learned to master the lack of sense inherent in any words of more meaning than can be said in so short a time as to make any difference to it at all.

But do not reject these flightly sayings as false-truths out of hand, out of thin air, merely because you have nothing relevant to say in their defence: try to fly with the butterfly in the defence of all truth, all truth that cannot immediately be said dispassionately, of all truth that needs to be defended with the observation that everything is true until proven false.

Even the curse of continued civilisation, in its repetitive recreations, reflects this unfortunate division, but the flight of the butterfly negates its inconsequentiality to the finest degree: through belief in its meaning.

Bright the flight of the butterfly flitting among the daffodils.

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