Tuesday, 12 July 2011

We are all here, now, flying spiritually all together in the skies above we should kiss one another with our wings spread like butterflies.

We are all here, now, driven by the winds but looking for inner meaning. Hence we should all be friends, all be allies in a mutual need. We should come together and make more friendship lord and master in the physical world about us.

We should embrace our brothers and sisters: This is only the truth of our flighty humanity. We all need to get together and hug more, immerse ourselves in a maelstrom of vivid passion. If we did there would be no more conflict, no more killing full of flame and thunder in the skies.

We should all embrace in friendship more, and become better friends. All men are equal as brothers; all women are our sisters. To promote peace and contentment nubile young women should consider being more open and, if amenable, even make passionate love with willing strangers in amicable bouts of friendly free-love, as of the old stories fame in the happier times of perfect peace and harmony. Hence a fertile peace and harmony would come upon us. Hence the inherent butterfly in us all would come forth from its chrysalis and multiply.

The butterfly inherent in our nature is unsuppressible, it is resolute, buried deep within. Become one with the essence of the butterfly within: be more happy still, and the world would be a happyer place.

All hail the butterfly buried deep within us all, and fly, fly free and easy!

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