Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The windy butterfly sees the path that is set upon the infinite.

Forever I love the well-made arrow that flies straight, forever it goes flitting straight to its intended target my naked heart. This is it: I am I, here and now. I go, I fly to my target. I love also the bow that is held stable in the breeze simply by the weight of a butterfly alighting upon its top-notch.

I fly like a butterfly to my flower, the flower that I feed at as it flows with me in the wind. Good flower, good butterfly. We are one at the joining, in the wind.

Also, if I fly I fly as straight as an arrow, in the wind I fly, straight to my goal. Good wind, jolly wind off of the hills and in the dales: The wind is my freedom.

The windy-gust is my metronome, it gusts with me; it beats with my heart to show me the way. I fly free in the wind. Good wind, free wind. I fly, soar and am free in the blustery wind.

I am a butterfly. This is my pledge, this is my word.

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